Labour’s failure to back the Lib Dems could see over 11,000 people in Swindon suffer from the Tory’s Tax Credit Cuts

Despite the valiant effort by the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords the chance to kill off the Tax credit cuts were unsuccessful due to the Labour Party’s decision not to back the Lib Dem motion to support hard working families. Therefore under current Tory plans over 11,000 people in Swindon are now at risk of having their Tax Credits cut.


Figures obtained from Her Majesty’s Revenues & Customs show that 11,300 families in Swindon are now at risk for having their Tax Credits reduced due to the failure of the nation’s opposition party to join the Liberal Democrats in standing up for those in our town who work hard but need support the most. Alex Hegenbarth, the Liberal Democrat representative for Mannington & Western ward, has called upon Swindon’s two Conservative MPs to think again about backing such a damaging policy:

‘The cut in Tax Credits for people across the town will not only hit families hard but will have a damaging effect on our local economy. Tax Credits help make sure that work pays - to remove that support potentially pushes people out of work, leaving families out of pocket and children more in need. I hope that our current MPs realise the hardship this policy will cause to their constituents.’

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