Sustainable Employment


According to recent figures from the Department for Work and Pensions more than 3,000 young people were claiming Universal Credit at the end of 2020; this is an increase of over 1,400 in the past year. Combine this with the 7,000 more jobs which will be lost as a result of Honda leaving the town and Swindon is looking at an unemployment disaster. In light of this both the Tory-led council and the Labour opposition have failed to provide any sustainable future for employment in the town.


The Tories continue to promise large pots of money are coming to the town. A good example of this is the over £100m they’re promising towards road maintenance but who is going to be using these roads if unemployment rises? Labour responds by opposing everything without providing credible solutions of their own. We in the Swindon Liberal Democrats believe in action and will provide sustainable employment opportunities for everyone, especially for the young people who have been neglected by the Tory-led council.


So far the Tory-led council has wasted the opportunity to collaborate with many of Swindon’s big employers such as Wasdell, Nationwide, UK Space Agency and UKRI to not only ensure there are professional employment opportunities for years to come but also to highlight the unique position our town is in as a hub of scientific innovation.


Alongside this, we will re-energize the town centre by giving power to the people who need it. The officers within the council are experts, paid by our taxes to improve our town; however, they currently have their hands tied by Tory and Labour politics. We will give them the ability to enact the changes we need in Swindon without constant political squabbling. The aim here is not to redevelop the town center and make the same mistakes the Tory-led council has been making for years but instead to invest into a sustainable town center. One which can exist for years to come, providing the much needed jobs for our young people  while transforming the centre into a place people actually want to be.


We do not want the false promises of the current Labour and Tory councillors, we want action.


Andrew Barnes

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