Hothouse dream moves closer

Hot House Dream Moves Closer

Stan Pajak Queen’s Park Community Chairman and South Swindon Parish councillor says at the South Swindon Parish meeting on the 26th January 2021 moved forward with schemes for both a refurbishment of the Town Gardens Bowl and the former Queen’s Park Hot House. Following feasibility studies the Parish is to employ a special development company to consider tenders for the work, value for money and applying for grants. Given the scale of both projects and the time span the schemes will be in phases over a one to five year period. This will be preceded by a public consultation, largely online. Results will be reported to the March Full Parish meeting 

Stan says “After almost 50 years of decay the Hot House could be on its way back and our community dream realised.” The initial phase will incorporate new toilets, café and sitting area amid flower beds with cover provided by giant sails. The second phase will almost mirror the original Hot House design providing a roofed café, integral toilets, sitting/meeting area with flower beds.

Both designs give the opportunity for events such as a wedding venue, theatre and music adding to the attractiveness of Queen’s Park. Please look out for the Parish consultation leaflet

Let's return the Hot House to it's former glory.


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