Rodbourne Cheney

Geoff King 

key_Geoff.jpgBorn in Swindon, I returned with my wife 10 years ago to look after my Mother.

Re-discovering Swindon, I was shocked at the severe – especially in hard-hit Rodbourne and other central areas where there are many needs – all at the hands of successive Tory and Labour led Councils.  They mis-managed finances and spent foolishly on vanity projects which produced little benefit. 

Take the Oasis – a pioneering town facility when it opened, on their watch it’s become run down, instead of developing it they leased it off in a dubious deal. Now it may never re-open. Take the Bruce St bridges traffic scheme - ridiculously expensive, and it doesn’t even work!!  These are but a few examples of systemic failure.

So, vote LibDem on May 6th – for integrity, policies and projects that work for Rodbourne.

PS: Guess who aren’t supporting our plan to re-open the Oasis...

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