Regents Circus Crossing Survey

Have your say on this dangerous crossing...

Regent’s Circus became a no-go area for many older, visually impaired and disabled people when the pedestrian crossing was installed and a so-called ‘shared space’ between pedestrians and cars was introduced. 

However, a number of residents have told us  they feel it works - so we’d like to know YOUR view.

Campaigner Toby Robson said, “I feel the lack of safe crossing here is unacceptable for people who aren’t fully able bodied.  Ultimately this will be bad for business at Regent’s Circus, as many people stay away for this reason.”

“However it is really important to the FOCUS Team to have everyone’s views.  Please fill in this short survey to make your voice heard.”


Do you think a controlled crossing should be re-introduced in front of Regent's Circus, where it used to be: