Penhill & Upper Stratton

Michelle Horrobin 

key_Michelle.jpgI moved here 30 years ago when my father retired from the British Army and relocated us to Swindon. I left to go to University and again after I married my husband - also in the British Army. We travelled a fair bit but settled back into the Penhill & Stratton area of Swindon 8 years ago. I have two children at school in Swindon and work as a Head of Product, Compliance & Legal for a fleet management company.

I have a strong interest in schooling and am school governor for two schools.  I am also interested in improving to roads/transport as well bringing communities together. The area in Penhill that I live in has become quite close knit - neighbours helping neighbours to make our little community better. I’d like to support more of this type of community cohesion throughout our Ward in my role as your councillor.

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