Swindon Liberal Democrats welcome a new Chair

Swindon Liberal Democrats welcome Alex Hegenbarth as the new party Chair


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The Liberal Democrats - Being there for communities

Liberal Democrats immerse ourselves in the community we’re part of. Our job is to make a difference. That’s why we’re involved in politics in the first place.


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Swindon’s Conservative MPs vote against amendment guaranteeing properties are fit for human habitation

On Tuesday night both Justin Tomlinson MP and Robert Buckland MP (for North Swindon and South Swindon respectively) voted down an amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill which would have seen landlords forced to ensure their properties were of a high enough standard for people to live in.


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The British National Party struck off the political party register

We are happy to announce that the Electoral Commission has removed the British National Party (BNP) from its register of political parties – at least for now - due to its failure to pay the necessary £25 registration fee.


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Tim Farron: A message of hope at Christmas

Tim Farron has delivered his first Christmas message as leader of the Liberal Democrats and reflected on a message of hope for the festive period. Please click on the link below to view:




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Bowood Road and Sunnyside Yellow Lines: You Decide!

Residents have requested yellow lines be added on Bowood Road and Sunnyside Avenue.

View the plans below and let us know your views by emailing team@eastcottfocus.org.uk

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Labour’s failure to back the Lib Dems could see over 11,000 people in Swindon suffer from the Tory’s Tax Credit Cuts

Despite the valiant effort by the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords the chance to kill off the Tax credit cuts were unsuccessful due to the Labour Party’s decision not to back the Lib Dem motion to support hard working families. Therefore under current Tory plans over 11,000 people in Swindon are now at risk of having their Tax Credits cut.


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Changes to Voter Registration mean that over a million voters could fall of the register – make sure you keep your right to vote!

Over a million voters could fall of the voting register due to changes in the voter registration system. You can register to vote in just three minutes at gov.uk/register-to-vote – All you need is your National Insurance number to make sure you keep your right to vote!


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Swindon Council Axe Gully Cleaning Services

It was announced on Monday 14th September at the West Swindon Locality Meeting that the Council will no longer be responsible for cleaning street gullies and that it is now up to local residents to keep them clean themselves.


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Community Action Text Service Lauched by the Lib Dems in Mannington & Western Ward

Liberal Democrat representative Alex Hegenbarth is asking local residents to come forward and report any community issues to a new mobile phone service.


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