Mannington & Western

Deb King


I have lived in Swindon for 13 years but have known it for much longer as my husband is Swindon born and bred.

I work as a wedding registrar in Wiltshire. I volunteer for Prospect in retail and during the lockdown I was a covid -19

 tester at a local secondary school.

Central areas of Swindon - like Mannington and Western - have been set back by the lockdowns.  The Conservative’s expensive road schemes will not deliver a greener, safer environment nor do they have a plan to provide good jobs for our young people, who have been especially hard hit by the pandemic. 

Only communities working together, based on the Liberal Democrat policies of fairness and putting people first, can do that.  So, vote LibDem on May 6th – for projects and policies that work for Mannington and Western.

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