Swindon Council Axe Gully Cleaning Services

It was announced on Monday 14th September at the West Swindon Locality Meeting that the Council will no longer be responsible for cleaning street gullies and that it is now up to local residents to keep them clean themselves.


On hearing the decision Alex Hegenbarth, the Liberal Democrat representative for Mannington & Western, was surprised by the Council’s decision:

“I think the Council needs to focus on the health and well-being of our town’s residents first. Keeping our communities clean and safe should be one of the Council’s primary concerns rather than slashing the money available for these vital, yet overlooked, priorities.

This move, coupled with the reduced number of refuse collections in the area, will only lead to increased risk of injury, potential flooding (from blocked gullies) and the rise of scavengers such as mice, rats and urban foxes. By pushing the responsibility for cleaning gullies onto local residents the Council puts people at risk of harm and puts increased pressure on the elderly and disabled who may not be physically capable of carrying out such tasks themselves.

I, and the rest of the Swindon Liberal Democrats, will push hard to get this service restored and make sure that your Council Tax is being spent on services for you. In the meantime we ask residents to offer a hand to those who need it so then we can all help support our communities and make Swindon a great place to live.”

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