Swindon Liberal Democrats present the positive case for the EU

Alex Hegenbarth, Chair of Swindon Liberal Democrats, has launched the Liberal Democrat’s #INtogether campaign in the town to promote the positive, Liberal Democrat argument for Britain remaining in the European Union.




“With the EU referendum on a knife-edge, it’s important that we highlight all the benefits the UK’s membership of the EU has brought - not just to Swindon but to the entire country. The EU has brought Peace, Prosperity, Opportunity and Security across Europe and it has been a vital player in protecting our Natural Environment, and that is something that should be praised.”

“I believe Britain will be all-the-poorer socially, culturally and economically if we leave the EU and so its high-time politicians stop using the EU as a scapegoat for the issues that face Britain today and instead talk about how the EU has made us richer as a nation in every way. The #INtogether exists to promote our positive message, and to help debunk the Euro-myths that have been peddled by a number of the Leave campaigns in recent months, in order to allow the British public to make a clear and informed decision on the benefits of our EU membership.”

The launch coincides with the release of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Group’s video supporting the #INtogether campaign (please see below)

The #INtogether campaign’s official guide to the key reasons for why the UK should remain I the EU can be found here.

To find out more about the campaign and about how you can become involved, please contact Alex on alex@swindonlibdems.com

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