Eastcott Hill Lorries Petition

Action on Lorries on Eastcott Hill

Please sign this letter to Morrison's to appeal to them to find alternative routes for their lorries

To the manager of Morrison's supermarket, Regents Circus, Swindon

Your supermarket is a source of employment and a shop of choice for many in the local community and we, as residents from the area, would like to welcome you to our neighbourhood.

However one source of annoyance for your customer base in the Eastcott Hill and Eastcott Road area is the inappropriate use of these streets by delivery vehicles coming to and from Morrison's at Regents Circus.

We would like to ask that you speak with the drivers and ask that they use more appropriate roads than narrow residential streets to get to and from the site.

Should you with to discuss alternative routes please do contact Cllr Dave Wood at team@eastcottfocus.org.uk or 251999

Yours sincerely,


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