The British National Party struck off the political party register

We are happy to announce that the Electoral Commission has removed the British National Party (BNP) from its register of political parties – at least for now - due to its failure to pay the necessary £25 registration fee.



Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said Britain was a "little better off today because of this news”.

"The decent and fair minded British public have stood up against the BNP and all they stand for – intolerance, hatred and an organisation that worked to stoke fear wherever they could.  Britain is a little better off today because of this news, but we should always be mindful that just because the BNP have fallen off the register, they could come back.  We also still have organisations like Britain First working to fan the flames of intolerance.

Today is a victory for the thousands of people and organisations like Hope Not Hate who have worked to make the case for an inclusive, welcoming and outward looking nation.”

Full story on the BBC News website



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