I live in Eastcott or Old Town. Not Parks/Walcot/Town Centre

If you feel you live in Eastcott or Old Town, not Parks/Walcot/Town Centre please sign this petition!

The Council wants to create an expensive new Parish Council and wants to put your street in Parks/Walcot/Town Centre.

This would mean your Council Tax will go up more and your priorities would count for less.

Signing this petition will make a real difference to our chances of changing this!

We the undersigned feel our natural community is Eastcott or Old Town, not Parks/Walcot/Town Centre. We believe that if creation of new parishes has to take place, that Eastcott Ward area that has been proposed to be placed in the South Central Parish should be its own Eastcott Parish. Or if this is not possible Eastcott Ward should be included in the South Parish with Old Town and Lawns. We believe Eastcott has a distinct geography and set of issues that would be best tackled as a single parish. Or if a larger parish is necessary, we believe we have many more shared issues, services and community interests with the South Parish (Old Town) rather than the South Central Parish (Parks/Walcot/Town Centre).

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