Liz Webster


I moved here 25 years ago when my eldest son, Henry was one and London was no place to raise a family. Since then I have raised my two, now grown-up sons, the youngest is Joe, set-up and over the last 22 years built my own, successful business.

My childhood home was south Wales. My summers were spent calling bingo, giving change in the penny arcade and pulling pints in my family’s seaside business. But I went to school near Chippenham so Wiltshire really does feel like home

Ten years ago, I had the call from Henry's school that every parent dreads. Henry had‎ been beaten about the head with a hammer by a gang. The seven blows needed lifesaving brain surgery; we are so blessed he survived this horrific attack. 

After years of my battling for justice for Henry, an independent inquiry was finally ordered by the High Court. It said that racial tensions in the school had been allowed to grow to unacceptable levels.

The impressionable young lives of Henry and the 13 young men who were convicted of attacking him and the hundreds of children who witnessed this incident were changed forever. 

Ten years on, my children have flown the nest and Henry is about to move back to the area after going to Plymouth University. Joe works as a programmer for a software company based in Swindon.  I live with my partner with our two dogs and lots of cows on a farm just north of Swindon.

I joined the Liberal Democrats after I saw the increase in hate crimes and tension following the Brexit vote.  

I believe the Conservative’s Brexit strategy is flawed. It benefits only the very richest 1%.  Meanwhile our NHS, schools social care and public services are being cut. 

I stand for a fair, open and tolerant society which helps its weak and vulnerable people. 

That is why I ask for your support to become your next MP for North Swindon.

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  • commented 2017-12-22 08:36:17 +0000
    So the motivation for opposing the UK taking control of immigration is that you are scared of immigrants, which is why you moved out of London, yet where you moved to, your son still got beaten near to death by a gang calling themselves “Asian invasion”. Two questions, how do you think your political position improves things regarding these obviously horrible immigration problems? And does your son agree with you?

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