About Us


We are the Swindon Liberal Democrats!

We are a passionate and vibrant group covering both North Swindon and South Swindon, our town’s two Parliamentary Constituencies.  We support the work of our Liberal Democrat Borough Councillors and actively campaign on issues that affect residents to make sure we remain their voice in the Council chamber.

Swindon Liberal Democrats are always at the heart of communities, making sure we are central to local politics and involving people of all ages and backgrounds from across the area.  We host a wide range of political and social events so if you want to find out more about being involved then why not come along and meet us or contact us to find out more!

About Us

  • Alex Hegenbarth

    Alex Hegenbarth

    Alex Hegenbarth, Candidate for Mannington & Western & Chair of Swindon Liberal Democrats

  • Ann Richards

    Ann Richards

    Ann Richards, Candidate for Central

  • Chris Shepherd

    Chris Shepherd

    Chris Shepherd, Candidate for Wroughton and Wichelstowe

  • Clive Hooper

    Clive Hooper

    Clive Hooper, Candidate for Liden, Eldene & Park South

  • Dave Wood

    Dave Wood

    Dave Wood, Councillor for Eastcott Ward & Deputy Group Leader of Swindon Liberal Democrats

  • Dawn Pajak

    Dawn Pajak

    Dawn Pajak, Candidate for St Margaret & South Marston

  • Deborah King

    Deborah King

    Deborah King, Candidate for St Andrews

  • Fiona McAnespie

    Fiona McAnespie

    Fiona McAnespie, Candidate for Ridgeway

  • Fraser McCormick

    Fraser McCormick

    Fraser McCormick, Candidate for Rodbourne Cheney

  • Garry Porter

    Garry Porter

    Garry Porter, Candidate for Old Town & Membership Officer for the Swindon Liberal Democrats

  • Geoff King

    Geoff King

    Geoff King, Candidate for Blunsdon & Highworth

  • Gerry Taylor

    Gerry Taylor

    Gerry Taylor, Candidate for Priory Vale

  • James Farr

    James Farr

    James Farr, Candidate for Lydiard and Freshbrook

  • Kathy McCarthy

    Kathy McCarthy

    Kathy McCarthy, Candidate for Walcot and Park North

  • Margaret Hooper

    Margaret Hooper

    Margaret Hooper, Candidate for Covingham and Dorcan

  • Margaret Mistry

    Margaret Mistry

    Margaret Mistry, Candidate for Haydon Wick

  • Nicholas Roberts

    Nicholas Roberts

    Nicholas Roberts, Candidate for Shaw and Swindon Liberal Democrat Party Treasurer

  • Ray James

    Ray James

    Ray James, Candidate for Penhill & Upper Stratton

  • Stan Pajak

    Stan Pajak

    Stan Pajak, Councillor for Eastcott & Group Leader of Swindon Liberal Democrats

  • Zoe McCormick

    Zoe McCormick

    Zoe McCormick, Candidate for Gorse Hill and Pinehurst